Should you reupholster your furniture, or buy new?

It would be very easy to answer yes, but that is not always the most practical nor the most truthful.

If you have a quality, robust and secure frame - no matter what the fabric or cushions looks like - then the sensible option would be to upholster. If the frame is in bad shape, then probably the answer would be to buy new.

Here are a few other points you might want to consider.

Have you ever wondered why some furniture has lasted so long?

The answer is simple. It was made so much better than the new mass produced, often imported, low budget furniture that’s so widespread in stores today. Older furniture was made to be durable and comfortable.

It is economical to reupholster older furniture because you can't buy the same quality new furniture for less than the cost of reupholstering the furniture you already have.

Reupholstering also gives you the choice of adapting your furniture to any style or purpose you wish. You can customize your rooms and furnishings in your own special way, and with the thousands of varieties of fabrics to choose from, it makes upholstering your furniture, a cost effective solution.

Is it Cheaper to re-upholster?

Many people are under the impression that reupholstery is an inexpensive alternative. This is not necessarily true. We can give you an honest opinion once we have seen your furniture.

To help you make a more informed decision, let's take a look at some handy tips for Fabric Wear.