So what is a good furniture frame?

The frame structure is the most single important factor in re-upholstering your furniture.

Quality furniture frames for chairs and couches are made of hard, heavy wood and are usually joined with dowels and screwed and glued with corner blocks, and have web and coil foundation. These will hold fast and firm for a long time. In the age of mass produced furniture, the frames are usually made from low quality wood with metal braces, or, staples are used in place of dowels. This is generally not the best.

These newer frames will often break, need repairs and have lesser quality foam and springs, and, very importantly, are light in weight.

If your old couch or chair has lasted 15 years or more, it's probably good or it wouldn't have lasted that long.

You can tell a good furniture frame by its weight.
They're heavy compared to most modern furniture. This is generally a good initial indicator of the quality.

But , be warned:  There are manufacturers that conceal the true identity of the wood by using wood chipboard, which is also heavy.

At Anne's Upholstery, no furniture is re-upholstered until the woodwork has been attented to.

If any fault is found in the frame construction, we notify you. The problem is discussed.

A solution is found and the repairs and strengthening of the frame are carried out.

The importance of a sturdy frame construction in your furniture, cannot be over emphasised.

Because this can be a costly repair, the wood and construction of the frame, are of significant importance to you and to us.

In a factory environment , the average time to complete one couch, from beginning to end, is 30 minutes.

One Chair, 10 minutes. When you look at the completed piece, it looks fine on the outside.

What you don't see, is what is hidden beneath the fabric. If you lift the chair, you'll find it's light in weight. Not a good sign.

So if you decide to buy new furniture, then please check for motion, especially the arms and back support.

Don't be afraid to sit in it and shift your position. If it moves - even slightly - our advise is to look for something else.

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