How do you judge fabric for wear?

The tighter the weave, the longer the wear. One square centimeter of fabric with 10 to 15 thick threads does not have the strength of one square centimeter densely packed with 30 to 40 thin threads. For example: a woven cotton tapestry, where the colours and pattern are tightly woven in with coloured threads, wears better than a cotton with colours printed on.

Here is a simple check for you. Hold a piece of fabric up to the light. The less light that shows through, the tighter the weave.

Another way to tell the fabric durability, is the number of "rubs" the fabric has endured. The number of rub cycles undergone before the fabric shows an objectionable change in appearance is counted and determines the fabric's abrasion rating. For Example:

15,000 - 20,000 rubs = light contract upholstery.

30,000 - 40,000 rubs = heavy duty upholstery.


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